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“Blades of the Old Empire” Kindle edition back on Amazon!

After nearly two weeks of suspense as the entire print and electronic run of my book was being replaced due to a missing chapter error, Blades is finally getting back to Amazon! The good news? This is, finally, the shiny … Continue reading

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Does the main character have to have a point of view?

When I stared writing, I never questioned this. The answer was a definite “no”. For example, in Sherlock Holmes stories, my childhood favorites, Holmes is definitely the main character, yet the point of view belongs to Dr. Watson, the man … Continue reading

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“Blades of the Old Empire” disappearance act…replacement copies on the way!

As the speedy efforts are being made by my publisher to replace the entire printed stock of “Blades of the Old Empire”, which has been printed without a key chapter at the end, I was surprised to open the Amazon … Continue reading

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Guest post by Anna Kashina

Originally posted on Bibliotropic:
Anna Kashina, author of the recently-released Blades of the Old Empire, kindly agreed to drop by a write a guest post for Bibliotropic. After reading her latest novel, I was particularly interested in the culture of…

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“Blades of the Old Empire” bookstore display and Goodreads giveaway

10 print copies are available. You can request yours until March 26th at the following link: Here are some pictures from my recent appearance and book signing event in Charleston, SC: The revised print copies are on their way … Continue reading

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“Blades of the Old Empire” book signing tomorrow and updates on replacement copies

Thanks to everyone for understanding and support during these difficult times, as the Angry Robot team is working around the clock to replace the defective copies of “Blades of the Old Empire” that went into distribution. I appreciate all the … Continue reading

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Missing chapter in “Blades of the Old Empire”

Last night, when I finally received my author copies of “Blades of the Old Empire”, I found out that the finished book is missing a key chapter toward the end (chapter 49). The text goes directly from chapter 48 to … Continue reading

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