“Blades of the Old Empire” disappearance act…replacement copies on the way!

As the speedy efforts are being made by my publisher to replace the entire printed stock of “Blades of the Old Empire”, which has been printed without a key chapter at the end, I was surprised to open the Amazon web site last night and find my book…missing from Amazon.com. Talking about Bermuda Triangle and magical disappearances.

The book can still be purchased at Amazon.ca (in fact, the only place at the moment that seems to carry Kindle edition), as well as other retailers, but as of today there are no e-books or mass market paperbacks listed at Amazon.com, and the trade paperback UK edition shown there does not have any reviews or sales ranks associated with it.

The good news: corrected paperbacks are on their way, and everyone who purchased a faulty copy would be able to replace it (or keep it as a collectible item for later on :-). And, once the e-books reappear, they will all have the missing chapter and the gorgeous maps, previously omitted from the electronic edition.

Since the release of my book on February 25 this has been one huge roller coaster, not something an author would normally look for in an exciting new release. I am so grateful for everyone’s support through these difficult times, and for those hundreds of readers and reviewers who tweeted and shared their support and contacted me or my publisher to express their sympathy during the past couple of weeks.

As a positive outlook for the future, I just got a look at the gorgeous new cover for “The Guild of Assassins”, soon to be revealed. Would things go smoothly from now on? I hope so!

Please visit back for updates on the Blades at Amazon, replacement copies, and the upcoming Guild cover reveal.

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1 Response to “Blades of the Old Empire” disappearance act…replacement copies on the way!

  1. Woodge says:

    A-ha! Thanks for the explanation. I was wondering about that too as this book is on my wish list of books to check out (in MMPB form).

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