SHADOWBLADE cover and updates!

Yes, it is really happening: my new novel, SHADOWBLADE, upcoming from Angry Robot in May 2019, has a gorgeous new cover by the amazing Alejandro Colucci, who just has the knack of bringing my characters to life:

The book, along with an exclusive excerpt, has been featured in a wonderful USA Today post late last year, and is mentioned by Kirkus as part of the stellar 2019 lineup. It is going out for reviews very soon, and it is of course available for preorder from all major retailers.

Stay tuned for more news…


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My schedule at Philcon 2018: November 16-18, Crowne Plaza Hotel, Cherry Hill, NJ

I will be attending Philcon 2018, where I am appearing on a number of panels and doing a reading from my upcoming novel, SHADOWBLADE (Saturday at 2 pm).

Right after that I will be at the autograph table (Saturday from 3 to 4). Please stop by for some freebies and a friendly conversation!

Here is my full schedule:

Friday, November 16:

FANTASY WITHOUT FANTASY?: 8:00 PM in Plaza III (Three) (1 hour) (3060)

[Panelists: Jim Stratton (mod), Ken Altabef, Sally Wiener Grotta, Carl Paolino, Marshall Ryan Maresca, Anna Kashina]

How much actual supernaturalism or other fantastic elements (dragons, magic, elves, etc.) does a fantasy story require? There are examples of books marketed as fantasy, set in imaginary places, that contain no fantastic elements- How do they function within the genre

Saturday, November 17: 


[Panelists: Jazz Hiestand (mod), Anna Kashina, Nicholas MacDonald-Martell, Dr. Valerie J. Mikles, John Monahan]

What effect would having two moons do to the oceans of your world? How do the orbital paths of your planets affect the transit times between them? What factors should you take into account when constructing *your* ideal star system

THE DEPICTIONS OF TECHNOLOGY IN STAR WARS AND STAR TREK: 12:00 PM in Crystal Ballroom Two (1 hour)  (3108)

[Panelists: Jeff Warner (mod), John Ashmead, Inge Heyer, Jay Wile, Anna Kashina, Glenn Hauman]

How do these universes differ in the ways they depict their tech? How did the history of each world affect the invention and uses of medical devices, weaponry, methods of transportation, and robotic beings

READING: SHADOWBLADE: Sat 2:00 PM in Executive Suite 623 (1 hour)  (3335)

[Panelists: Brandon Budda (mod), Anna Kashina]

Autograph Table Sat 3:00 PM(1 hour) (3350)

[Panelists: Inge Heyer (mod), Anna Kashina]


[Panelists: Robert C. Roman (mod), Dr. Valerie J. Mikles, Anna Kashina, Alana Phelan, Kevin Patterson, Linda J. Lee]

Our notions about romance, sex, and marriage are evolving to keep pace with a world that continues to gain a more nuanced understanding of gender identity, the spectrum of human sexuality, and what a family is. Does your writing reflect an inclusive future, or one where the standards of 1950’s America have remained the norm

Sunday, November 18:

Synthetic biology aims to create organisms that maintain and propagate themselves while producing a desired outcome, whether that is flowers that glow in the dark, cells that produce rare drugs, or architectural organisms that serve as living homes. From do-it-yourself biologists to biohackers to the International Genetically Engineered Machine, people are already bringing synthetic biology to life. We  will discuss technologies that are available now, illustrative examples, and possible dangers of synthetic life.

THE MYTH OF THE MAD SCIENTIST: Sun 1:00 PM in Plaza II (Two) (1 hour) (3078)

[Panelists: Jim Stratton (mod), John Ashmead, Aaron Feldman, Anna Kashina, Alan P. Smale]

Despite a long history in fiction of solo geniuses making the ultimate breakthroughs in their basement labs, collaboration is necessary for scientific advancement. So why do we glorify the loner scientist trope? Can we make collaborative science feel equally heroic? How do we portray science being done realistically while still meeting the needs of the story


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Publication announcement: SHADOWBLADE!!!

Today I am so thrilled to share the big news: my newest novel, SHADOWBLADE, will be published by Angry Robot Books in May 2019! This book features a lot of my favorite themes, including elite blademasters, a kick-ass heroine, imperial politics — and of course, romance!

To commemorate this announcement, Fantasy Faction has published this wonderful post, with more details, as well as my very own toast to fantasy romance:

It is so exciting to be at liberty to talk about it now — and of course, I can’t wait for more exciting news to come!

Stay tuned…

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Join my newsletter

My recent resolution is to send out regular newsletters to my readers, and anyone else who is interested in updates about my writing. Those who sign up (and probably others as well) are bound to hear some exciting news soon!

And, each newsletter will come with a lovingly crafted recipe, featuring favorite foods from my fantasy worlds…

And yes, if any authors or fans out there are interested in swapping newsletter posts featuring each other’s publication news, please drop me a line on the “contact” page!

To subscribe, follow the “subscribe to my newsletter” tag in my blog’s header, or simply follow this link:

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I have a new agent!

I am super excited to announce that I have just signed up with a new agent, Jennie Goloboy, from Donald Maass Literary Agency.

I am thrilled to be working with Jennie — who is not only a great agent, but such a good match as a work partner and a person to go to for professional advice. We have a lot in common in our backgrounds, which makes it all even more perfect! I really look forward to all the good things to come!

The very next item on our list is my brand new adventure fantasy, featuring empires, assassins, and, of course, romance… Stay tuned for more news, hopefully soon!!

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BLADES OF THE OLD EMPIRE Humble Bundle promotion, day 2 and going great!

13 days remaining, and counting! For the next two weeks, pay what you want for an amazing collection of some of the Angry Robot’s best science fiction and fantasy titles, which, amazingly, include BLADES OF THE OLD EMPIRE.

Even more wonderfully, some of the money you pay will also support charities. A win for everyone!

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BLADES OF THE OLD EMPIRE Humble Bundle Promotion

Happy Valentine’s!

Today, love is in the air — and so are some great book deals! I am very excited to have “Blades of the Old Empire” included into a Humble Bundle of the Angry Robot Books’s 20 titles, that will run for the next 2 weeks at the following link:


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