“Blades of the Old Empire” Kindle edition back on Amazon!

After nearly two weeks of suspense as the entire print and electronic run of my book was being replaced due to a missing chapter error, Blades is finally getting back to Amazon!

The good news? This is, finally, the shiny corrected version, with maps and all the chapters included. If you have previously bought a defective copy, all you need to do is synchronize your Kindle to get the updated one.

Room for improvement? Of course. The updated mass market paperback edition is not linked to the page, and the UK trade paperback appears as a separate listing. Hopefully all these will come together by the time of the upcoming cover reveal for “The Guild of Assassins”, rumored to be scheduled for later this week!

And yes, there is more. When the book temporarily disappeared from Amazon, it lost a number of customer reviews, as well as its sales rankings, which were pretty high at the moment. I am still hoping to restore the missing reviews, so if anyone posted a review and does not see it right now, I would really, really appreciate a repost. The book had wonderful rankings, thanks to the support of my readers and fans, and I would love to see it do well out there.

Thank you all so much for all the tweets, shares, and e-mails I got during the limbo of “Blades of the Old Empires” updates.

And yes, don’t miss the ongoing Goodreads giveaway for 10 print copies! Enter to request yours at:



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