Missing chapter in “Blades of the Old Empire”

Last night, when I finally received my author copies of “Blades of the Old Empire”, I found out that the finished book is missing a key chapter toward the end (chapter 49). The text goes directly from chapter 48 to chapter 50, omitting a key battle scene where all the major plot lines culminate. This was also brought to my attention by one of the readers on my blog, for a Kindle copy purchased on Amazon.

I contacted my publisher immediately. This has clearly been unprecedented, and by a streak of bad luck appears to be an issue not with a particular batch, but with the whole print and electronic run that went out for distribution. As of this morning Angry Robot team is actively addressing the issue and recalling all books, with an intention to reprint and replace all copies.

My publisher put up an announcement on their web site at:


I know that the corrected e-books were already sent to retailers and hopefully will become available soon. Those who already bought e-books can request a replacement at the link above. The print copies will follow as soon as possible.

I will keep everyone notified on the progress and will post any updates here.

I thank everyone for support and understanding.

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