Guest post by Anna Kashina


Anna Kashina, author of the recently-released Blades of the Old Empire, kindly agreed to drop by a write a guest post for Bibliotropic. After reading her latest novel, I was particularly interested in the culture of the Cha’ori, and she was good enough to shed a bit more light on their culture.

Thank you for hosting me on your blog, and for coming up with such a rewarding topic!

As it happens, I did develop the Cha’ori culture quite a bit, even though only glimpses of it are shown in the book. It is a pleasure to talk about it.

bladesoftheoldempireThe Cha’ori are a nomadic culture somewhat similar to Mongols but not militant. They live in horts, groups of about 200 people (sometimes bigger or smaller), and they travel on horseback in the area called Grasslands, a large grass plain that lies between the kingdom of Tallan Dar and…

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