“Blades of the Old Empire” book signing tomorrow and updates on replacement copies

Thanks to everyone for understanding and support during these difficult times, as the Angry Robot team is working around the clock to replace the defective copies of “Blades of the Old Empire” that went into distribution. I appreciate all the tweets, e-mails, and posts in the last few days and feel gratified by the support of fellow authors, bloggers, and fans.

As of now, the electronic copies have been updated. I understand that everyone who bought them at major on-line retailers could upload a new version by re-synching their device. You can also e-mail the publisher for a replacement copy (see details at http://angryrobotbooks.com/blades). The new copy also contains the gorgeous maps that were omitted from the originally published version.

The paper copies are being reprinted and will follow soon.

Tomorrow I will be reading and signing my books at Books-a-Million in Charleston, SC. It will be an interesting event, since the books available in store are from the defective batch and are missing a chapter, but the store has been super supportive and understanding. The event will go as planned, and I will be signing book plates for pre-ordered copies, which will be shipped when the replacement becomes available. Anyone in the area, please stop by!

As someone brought up to me during the last couple of days, the defective copies may become a collectible item some day… Wouldn’t that be nice?

Some announcements in the mean time:

Today, as a celebration of International Women’s Day, I posted an article on Angry Robot’s web site on female protagonists in fantasy. It was a timely topic, given that Blades feature not one but two female protagonists, and one of them is shown entirely without a point of view, a choice which met a range of reactions from the readers but was important for me as I worked on the book. See the post at:


And, in the past few days my short story “The Majat Testing” was posted for free at Amazon.com. It is also available at Smashwords and is on its way to all major retailers. Download DRM-free copies at:



Thanks, everyone, for reading, and please check this space for further updates.

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1 Response to “Blades of the Old Empire” book signing tomorrow and updates on replacement copies

  1. RSAGARCIA says:

    I was so sorry this happened, but it in no way reflects badly on you. The publisher has handled it pretty well. In the mean time I will say I told you so due to that best seller listing and the i09 recommendation. This book is going to be a complete success, missing chapter or not.

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