THE GUILD OF ASSASSINS blog tour wrap-up


Thanks to everyone who participated in THE GUILD OF ASSASSINS blob tour by posting, commenting, and, of course, buying the books. There is still one more day left! The last post goes up tomorrow.

My special thanks go to Tasty Book Tours and the Angry Robot publicity team for organizing this. It has been a blast! And I feel that I could definitely get use to seeing my name in the media every day.

Click on the banner above of the full schedule from the Tasty Book Tours. In addition, I had some awesome posts at Chuck Wendig’s blog, AP Book Club, Mary Robinette Kowal’s “My Favorite Bit”, Angela Korra’ti’s “Boosting the Signal”,’s Pop Quiz at the End of the Universe and others. Like I said, it has been a blast, most of it recapped in my recent blog posts.

Here is the list of the most recent posts:

Excerpt and giveaway at Ink on the Shelf:

Excerpt and giveaway at Romancing the Readers:

Questions and answers with Angelia Almos:

An interview at Sarah’s Story Lines:

A guest post on the ranks of the Majat Warriors at Kinky Vanilla Romance:

A post on Racing to Read:

An excerpt on Paranormal Romance and Beyond:

A post and review coming up tomorrow at:

Don’t forget about my author’s giveaway! If anyone would like to get a copy of my book (your choice), you can visit all these blog tour stops and leave comments, then write me back as a comment on one of my blog tour posts. I will keep this open until August 20, five days after the end of the blog tour.

And yes, if you can help spread the word about my new release and the Majat Code series, or better yet, post reviews at retail web sites, Goodreads, or other venues, you would also learn my eternal gratitude :-) This will be open any time.

Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoy the books!


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THE GUILD OF ASSASSINS blog tour day 4


Today’s stops:

An interview at Two Ends of the Pen:

A feature at Books with Leti Del Mar, which also has a link to a giveaway for print copies of both installments in the series:

Both sites have also published wonderful reviews of the Guild of Assassins a few days ago:

Debra Martin at Two Ends of the Pen starts her review by saying “what a fantastic book it is.” Read the full review here:

Leti Del Mar characterizes THE GUILD OF ASSASSINS as “Hands down one of the best fantasy reads I’ve come across in many moons”. Read the full review here:

And don’t forget to stop by and leave comments at these blogs to win my print book of your choice!

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THE GUILD OF ASSASSINS blog tour day 3


Today’s stops:

Chuck Wendig’s “Five Things I Learned” feature. Stop by to find out which five main things I learned writing the MAJAT CODE series:

Clover Autrey interviewed me for “Get Lost in a Story” blog:

Manga Maniac Cafe posted another interview here, as part of the Tasty Book Tour:

Among other great points in this interview, I was personally amazed by the question “describe yourself in five words or less”. It was a fun challenge to take on!

The Goodreads giveaways have closed, with over a thousand entries for each book! I feel gratified, and hope the winners enjoy their brand new print copies.

The giveaways are still open at Get Lost in a Story and the Tasty Book Tour stops. Click on the banner or follow the links above for entries.

And don’t forget about my personal giveaway: each commenter on all blog tour stops will receive my book of your choice.

Thanks, everyone, and happy reading!


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THE GUILD OF ASSASSINS blog tour continues

My day opened with two awesome reviews, one from Reading Reality for BLADES OF THE OLD EMPIRE, and one from the BookPushers for THE GUILD OF ASSASSINS.

Reviewer Marlene Harris characterizes the BLADES as “the start of a damn fine epic fantasy series” and compares my books to Jim Butcher’s Codex Alera, Katherine Kurtz’s Deryni series, Jean Johnson’s The Guild, Amy Raby’s Assassin’s Gambit, and Lindsay Buroker’s Emperor’s Edge. I am thrilled, and flattered at her wonderfully detailed review.

Another very special one is the joint review of THE GUILD OF ASSASSINS at the BookPushers, which is even more detailed and hits on all the important points that made this book so fun for me to write. This review is so wonderful in its entirety that I found it hard to pick quotes. And yes, in answer to the reviewers’ question, there definitely will be book 3 in the series.

My blog tour stops today include a guest post on Christine’s Words with some basic facts on the history of the Old Empire. This post also includes links to a giveaway. See the post here:

Another blog tour post at the AP Book Club lists my choice of top ten assassins, mostly fictional characters from my all-time favorites and the more recent books I enjoyed. See the list here, with some lovely pictures:

There is only one day left to enter a raffle for ten print copies of BLADES OF THE OLD EMPIRE and THE GUILD OF ASSASSINS at Goodreads:

And don’t forget about my own giveaway: leave comments at all my blog tour stops and send me a message through this blog or social media to receive any one of my books, your choice!

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THE GUILD OF ASSASSINS released today!

Yes, it is finally here!!!


Come and celebrate it with giveaways at Goodreads (10 copies each, BLADES OF THE OLD EMPIRE and THE GUILD OF ASSASSINS), as well as on my blog tour sites, which will post daily between yesterday and August 15.

I will be giving away a copy of any one of my books to everyone who leaves comments on all posts during the blog tour and then writes me back in the comments box on my blog. Here is the link to the tour schedule and a giveaway:

Today’s stops:

And, don’t miss this great reviews posted today:

To read an excerpt, follow THE GUILD OF ASSASSINS tab at the top of this page.


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THE GUILD OF ASSASSINS blog tour and giveaway


It has started today! My first stops are:

A feature and excerpt at A Bluestocking’s place:

A post about writing epic fantasy on Beauty in Ruins:

A post on female protagonists in fantasy:

A post on assassins in fiction:

The book releases tomorrow, and several places are holding giveaways, including Goodreads and some (but not all) bloggers.

An awesome review was posted today, in which a Goodreads reviewer characterized THE GUILD OF ASSASSINS as Hands down one of the best fantasy reads I’ve come across in many moons.” (see full review at

Between now and August 15 I will hold my own giveaway. Everyone who visits all my blog tour posts and leaves comments will receive a copy of any of my books (your choice). If you want to participate, please comment with links to your blog tour stops. And of course, please help me spread the word!


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It’s almost here! Four days to go!

Today, Angry Robot Books issued the prepublication announcement for the August titles, including THE GUILD OF ASSASSINS, which also lists some of the blog tour stops. I am timing in my post to theirs, with some additional awesome prepublication quotes for the Guild and its prequel, BLADES OF THE OLD EMPIRE:

“Ms. Kashina weaves a powerful story of honor, loyalty and the bonds of love…Fans of epic fantasy will thoroughly enjoy this story. ” - Debra Martin

“There were some amazing action scenes, and I was even tumbling around my deck trying to figure out how some of it all played out (much to the amusement of my neighbors I am sure)… I will certainly be looking out for the conclusion to this trilogy with as much enthusiasm I did this novel.” - Bookworm in  the Stars

“I enjoyed the story. The solutions were innovative, and the unique rankings of the warriors and the further explanation of their skills and training kept it interesting” – Hilary

the story seamlessly moves forward… hopefully [Ms Kashina] will put pen to paper (not literally!) and write the conclusion to this entertaining story.”- Isis

What made it so enjoyable was that all that knowledge was wrapped up in an exciting story that was difficult to put down. While the book came to a very satisfying conclusion there is much more story to be told. - Mixed Book Bag

“Both Kyth and Ellah are likeable characters and it is a joy to follow their stories…A solid start to what looks to be an exciting series.”
– The British Fantasy Society

“If you’re in the mood for a fun fantasy with mercenaries, an evil brotherhood, then, yes, give Blades of the Old Empire a try.”
- Tenacious Reader

“Another great book from Angry Robot…I enjoyed this book and would recommend it for anyone who likes a good swashbuckling storyline.”
- Every Book Deserves to be Read

“Strong roots and parallels to history keep the reader grounded and enrich the world of this novel while magic and the characters keep it fresh and interest.”
- Heather McCorkle

“This book is action packed from the very first page, and is a good start to a series that I will look forward to reading more of.”
- Avid Reviews

“You get fast-paced travel with political intrigue and danger, amazing martial arts fights of extreme skill, cultural immersion from around the world, and a little hint of romance without ruining the tough fighter feel… I really cannot express enough times how highly I recommend this story to everyone.”
- In Pursuit of My Own Library

“I really enjoyed this book despite not being a huge fan of romance-themed novels. I feel it is for those who want more romance in their fantasy while also getting a hefty dose of action, adventure, and intrigue… It was a good book, and well worth the read. I’ll be reading this one again.”
- R.J. Blain

“Each scene is very well written. Action and dialog keep the story moving at a fast clip. The fight scenes were especially well written making it easy to see what was happening. Now I want to see what happens in the next book.”
- Mixed Book Bag

Ordering is open at the following link:


And, until August 7, you can enter a Goodreads giveaway:

TheGuildOfAssassins-144dpi bladesoftheoldempire

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