SHADOWBLADE blog tour roundup

I’ve been having a blast with all the activity surrounding SHADOWBLADE book release. For anyone trying to keep track, here is a list of all the blog stops I made on the way, which really form a journey all on their own!

My interview with Clarkesworld Magazine, insightfully conducted by Chris Urie, made me pause and think about my roots and the origin of some of my writing traits. Check it out here:

My interview with NFR reads delved into such provocative questions as, e.g., my reaction to negative reviews. Check it out here:

My alma mater, the Online Writing Workshop for Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Horror, did a spotlight post on worldbuilding, where I got to talk about the process and even post a an opening paragraph from SHADOWBLADE:

And there is more on worldbuilding: in my case, it always comes with good, and I create exclusive recipe cards for every one of my books. I got to share my favorite SHADOWBLADE recipe on Fran Wilde’s Book Bites:

Barnes and Noble stores are putting my books on their new release tables — which means, those of you shopping in stores will get to see this beautiful and silky cover as soon as you step inside! Here is my B&N blog post on blade fights:

In John Scalzi’s Big Idea feature, I discussed some of the more serious issues behind SHADOWBLADE:

SHADOWBLADE is my first novel where I used at least a bit of my science background to delve into the aspects of human physiology that underlies superior abilities of a warrior. Interested? Check out my blog post for Fantasy Faction:

In Mary Robinette Kowal’s My Favorite Bit post, I focused on the undivided fun I had, writing about the Jaihar warriors and blade fights:

And yes, blade fights are my favorite, so I also got to talk more about these, and many other things about life and writing on these blogs:

Civilian Reader

Patrice Sarath’s blog

My Life My Book My Escape

A Little Bit Tart, a Little Bit Sweet

Paul Semel’s blog

Amanda Bridgeman’s blog

Amber Royer’s blog

I also got to do my very first podcasts! Our awesome conversation with Sean Grigsby can be found here:

My podcast felt more like a party with the Liar’s Club, where we had a blast chatting about romance with the blades and many other highly provocative topics:

Magical, isn’t it? 🙂 🙂 🙂

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