My Worldcon schedule this weekend

Tomorrow I am headed out for my very first Worldcon. Really excited about it!

Here is my list of appearances and panels:

10:00 Writers Workshop 1A (KC Marriott Downtown / Lester Young A)

15:00 Autographing (KC Con Center / Autographing Space)

15:00 Where Science Fails (KC Con Center / 2502B)
17:00 The Evolution of Epic Fantasy (KC Con Center / 2209)

13:00 This Year in Bad Science (KC Con Center / 2503A)
16:00 Thinking Through Neuroscience in SF and Fantasy (KC Con Center / 2209)

At all other times I will do my best to frequent the Angry Robot booth, where I plan to run some raffles and giveaways of cool items to celebrate the release of the Majat Code trilogy this summer.

For those of you planning to be in the area, please stop by!

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THE MAJAT ASSIGNMENT, a story of the Majat Code

During my recent blog tour, I spoke a lot about the way my character development led me into writing short stories about their past. During my work on the “Assassin Queen”, the concluding volume of the “Majat Code” trilogy, the character I bonded to most was Mai — so I had to write a story about his past, tied in to his first assignment when he tried out his famous blows — Vipers Sting, and Viper’s Kiss. The assignment was for Lord Garet von Eyvern, the Bengaw lord who appears in “Assassin Queen” to lend Mai some much-needed help.

The story is a standalone, so you absolutely don’t need to know all these things to read it.

And, without further ado, here it is, available now (or shortly) from all major online retailers:


The blurb:

To visit the fortress of the notorious warlord Zorand, Lord Garet needs the best possible bodyguard: a top-ranked Majat. He also needs this bodyguard to be inconspicuous enough to gain access into the warlord’s fortress. The Majat Guild offers an unexpected candidate for the job: a young trainee, Mai.

The boy’s youth and innocent looks definitely make him inconspicuous enough, but his appearance triggers a memory of a nightmare that ties Garet’s past to Zorand’s– one the warlord would surely remember, as soon as he sees the boy. Garet has no choice but to follow through with his plan, but would Mai’s part in the quest give him the protection he needs, or would it throw both of their lives into jeopardy?

“The Majat Assignment” is a 13,000 words standalone story set in the world of Anna Kashina’s award-winning Majat Code series.

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Bengaw Stuffed Flatbread: Book Bites with Anna Kashina

Fran Wilde

Author Anna Kashina‘s Majat Code trilogyfrom Angry Robotis tearing up adventure fantasy. Today, she’s visiting Book Bites to talk about food, worldbuilding, and flatbread.

View Anna’s Bookshelf on Amazon
As a fantasy author, I pay a lot of attention to world building and spend extensive time drawing maps, defining languages, deities, clothing, and occasionally exotic curse words. But even more importantly, when I create a new world I always think of food. No world building would ever be complete without it.
In Russia, where I grew up, native food tends to be bland and not very varied. I do have my favorites, but I tend to think of them in terms of comfort rather than taste. When I moved to the US and was introduced to the wonderful concept of different cuisines, I just could not get enough of them. Not that I eat a lot, but…

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ASSASSIN QUEEN is almost here


It’s only 2 weeks before ASSASSIN QUEEN, book 3 of the Majat Code, hits the shelves in the US. Check out some of these great advance reviews that have been posted in the last couple of weeks:

And a bunch more on Goodreads:

On June 7, expect a number of blog posts with my interviews and discussions about everything Majat Code. And, of course, if you are in the Philadelphia area, it is not too late to sign up for my workshop on worldbuilding that will take place at the Philadelphia Writers Conference on June 10-12.

And yes, I have just created a link for subscribing to my author newsletter, so if you want to receive news and updates from me, follow this link for a sign up form:

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It’s revealed! And it’s gorgeous!!! Thanks to the wonderful cover artist Alejandro Colucci who was able to capture the spirit of the character and my favorite part of the book.

Check out this week’s post by USA Today with the cover reveal and an exclusive excerpt from Assassin Queen:

Add ASSASSIN QUEEN to your list on Goodreads:

And, better yet, pre-order your very own copy on Amazon or at other major retailers! Here is the Amazon link:

Isn’t it beautiful?…




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If you are a reviewer, you can now download a pre-publication copy of “Assassin Queen” from NetGalley at:

If you are a fan, you can now pre-order the book on Amazon and at other major retailer sites. Here is the Amazon link:

You will notice that there is no cover image on any of these posts. This is because a very special cover reveal for “Assasin Queen”, along with an exclusive excerpt, is coming up on April 11! Stay tuned for more news, and don’t forget to visit Goodreads for the upcoming Majat Code re-read and to win some cool extras and freebies.

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A Goodreads re-read of the Majat Code series

bladesoftheoldempire TheGuildOfAssassins-144dpi-197x300 DAGGER1… and more!

Join the Goodreads “Majat Code re-read” group to discuss the series, win freebies and extras, and step into the magical world of the Majat warriors, magic, intrigue, and award-winning romance:

This is a perfect time to catch up on the series in preparation for the “Assassin Queen” release in early June 2016.

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