SHADOWBLADE news and bonus item giveaways

Well, there is some good news and some bad news.

The good news: SHADOWBLADE is still coming out in May. Mostly on May 7, as planned, the day which will see the release of all electronic editions as well as the print edition in the UK (there will be more good news below, keep reading!).

The bad news: the US print edition will not hit the shelves until May 28. Which means, people in the US will not be able to put their hands onto that silky cover and caress it, for extra 3 weeks — unless you are coming to the Nebulas weekend or Balticon.

Trust me, you’ll want to do it. It’s REALLY silky…

So, here is some more good news. I have created some exclusive recipe cards with the Zeg Empire’s favorite recipes from Zegmeer and Haggad. I also have some book plates, which I am prepared to sign in special Imlar-infused ink. And, I have a few hand-made pendants, containing a stunning piece of crystal imlarite set in elaborately crafted imlar. I am willing to send these items out within the US, to people who pre-order the book between now and the release date.

If any of this seems attractive to you, please e-mail me your proof of purchase of a print copy of Shadowblade, and I will mail you a signed book plate, a recipe card, and a bookmark. If you pre-order three or more print copies, I will also send you an imlarite crystal pendant.

All these come on first-come first-serve basis. If I run out of items, I will immediately do a post, so that you know. I do have enough to last for a while, though…

I have updated my e-mail on the “contact me” page, you can use this address to get in touch. While you are there, please also consider following me on Bookbub and social media, and signing up for my newsletter.

The countdown begins now. Thanks, everyone for your support!


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