My schedule at the Baltimore Book Festival

Friday, September 23

12 Noon         Read Beyond the Borders

Translations, foreign markets, and immigrant authors. It’s time to change your perceptions of science fiction and fantasy around the world. Authors:  Anatoly Belilovsky, Bill Campbell, Anna Kashina, Sarah Pinsker

1 PM                You Got Romance in My Science Fiction & Fantasy

Kissing, spaceships, and dragons. What could go wrong? Authors:  Anna Kashina, Jean Murray, L. Penelope

6 PM                Your Best Beginning: A Live Critique

Submit your first 3 paragraphs any time before the start of the panel and our friendly authors will choose some to critique. Let our pros help your prose! Authors: DH Aire, Anatoly Belilovsky, Meredith Hale, Anna Kashina, Don Sakers, KM Szpara, Mark Tompkins.


Saturday, September 24

12 Noon Signing: Anna Kashina, Don Sakers.

5 PM                Second  Breakfast & Snozzberries: Food in SF & Fantasy

Sensory details are the hallmark of great science fiction and fantasy, and nothing brings that home quite like the food! Join our panelists as they discuss food in their favorite books. We guarantee you’ll leave hungry. Authors:  Cinda Williams Chima, Lara Elena Donnelly, Scott Edelman, Anna Kashina, Fran Wilde, K. Ceres Wright.


Sunday, September 25

11 AM              Worldbuilding for Science Fiction & Fantasy

Learn what goes into creating fantasy and science fiction worlds. Ask questions! Get answers! Authors: Brenda W. Clough, Lara Elena Donnelly, Sarah Beth Durst, Carolyn Ives Gilman, Anna Kashina, Fran Wilde.

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