THE MAJAT ASSIGNMENT, a story of the Majat Code

During my recent blog tour, I spoke a lot about the way my character development led me into writing short stories about their past. During my work on the “Assassin Queen”, the concluding volume of the “Majat Code” trilogy, the character I bonded to most was Mai — so I had to write a story about his past, tied in to his first assignment when he tried out his famous blows — Vipers Sting, and Viper’s Kiss. The assignment was for Lord Garet von Eyvern, the Bengaw lord who appears in “Assassin Queen” to lend Mai some much-needed help.

The story is a standalone, so you absolutely don’t need to know all these things to read it.

And, without further ado, here it is, available now (or shortly) from all major online retailers:


The blurb:

To visit the fortress of the notorious warlord Zorand, Lord Garet needs the best possible bodyguard: a top-ranked Majat. He also needs this bodyguard to be inconspicuous enough to gain access into the warlord’s fortress. The Majat Guild offers an unexpected candidate for the job: a young trainee, Mai.

The boy’s youth and innocent looks definitely make him inconspicuous enough, but his appearance triggers a memory of a nightmare that ties Garet’s past to Zorand’s– one the warlord would surely remember, as soon as he sees the boy. Garet has no choice but to follow through with his plan, but would Mai’s part in the quest give him the protection he needs, or would it throw both of their lives into jeopardy?

“The Majat Assignment” is a 13,000 words standalone story set in the world of Anna Kashina’s award-winning Majat Code series.

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