Bengaw Stuffed Flatbread: Book Bites with Anna Kashina


Author Anna Kashina‘s Majat Code trilogyfrom Angry Robotis tearing up adventure fantasy. Today, she’s visiting Book Bites to talk about food, worldbuilding, and flatbread.

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As a fantasy author, I pay a lot of attention to world building and spend extensive time drawing maps, defining languages, deities, clothing, and occasionally exotic curse words. But even more importantly, when I create a new world I always think of food. No world building would ever be complete without it.
In Russia, where I grew up, native food tends to be bland and not very varied. I do have my favorites, but I tend to think of them in terms of comfort rather than taste. When I moved to the US and was introduced to the wonderful concept of different cuisines, I just could not get enough of them. Not that I eat a lot, but…

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1 Response to Bengaw Stuffed Flatbread: Book Bites with Anna Kashina

  1. Chris Sykes says:

    It’s really cool that you are including foods in with your stories. So many authors are following the trend in movies of just packing their books with action and neglecting details like foods, relationships and the small things that, to me, make up a good story. Fleshing our the world you’ve created is so important. It reminds me of the details in great novels that drew me to them in the first place.

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