Assassin Queen and convention planning for spring and summer 2016

First, the promised and delayed update on the Assassin Queen, book 3 of the Majat Code. The editing has been completed! Yay! I also have seen a very preliminary version of the cover, which looked just awesome! And, the publication dates are all set for early June in the UK and US.

I am experiencing a rare moment in a writer’s life where everything seems to be together and working smoothly, and this is such a great feeling.

This spring and summer I am planning to appear at a number of conventions and conferences, in addition to the blog tour being planned by my publisher’s team. Here is the list:

March 16-20, 2016: Thirty-Seventh International Conference on the Fantastic in the Arts, Orlando, FL. I will be doing a reading on Thursday, March 17, 4:15 pm, Vista A. Free gifts, books, and goodies provided!

June 10-12, 2016: The Philadelphia Writers Conference. I will be teaching a workshop on speculative fiction, focused on genres and worldbuilding. This is only days after the Assassin Queen release, and one of the first opportunities for US readers to get ahold of a copy!

August 17-21, 2016: Worldcon/MidAmericon, Kansas City, MO. I will be on the program and am considering doing a release party, if it pans out.

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1 Response to Assassin Queen and convention planning for spring and summer 2016

  1. Jim Knipp says:

    Looking forward to meeting you at the Philadelphia Writers’ Conference in June!

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