Assassin Queen update

OK, I have not been as good as I hoped in keeping up with my blog, but I did keep busy writing, and editing. At the request of my new editor at Angry Robot, the amazing Phil Jourdan, I have completed the rewrites for Assassin Queen, book 3 of the Majat Code. His comments were right on, and after this round everything just clicked into place.

I continue feeling surreal about how everything with this book is just working out the way I wanted. The edits have brought out the additional depths I always intended to be there but did not convey enough in the first draft. And now, the book just feels finished, even if not completely polished yet.

The manuscript is now at the copyediting stage, one step closer to its release this summer. Yay!

And, I have officially started my new project, which will remain veiled for the time being.


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