Assassin Queen, book 3 of the Majat Code: upcoming in summer 2016

Happy New Year, everyone! Following my new year resolution, I am starting to make more regular updates on my writing projects. Starting with the current one, book 3 of the Majat Code.

Yes, it is official now, in the wake of the contract we signed with Angry Robot this fall. Just before the holidays I had a delightful Skype call with my new editor, Phil Jourdan, who took the time to read all the Majat Code books before approaching me with the editorial comments. I was relieved and overjoyed to find out that Phil considers Assassin Queen to be my best book so far, with action and character development worthy of concluding the series.

Assassin Queen was written on a very tight deadline following a brief hiatus in the wake of Angry Robot’s changing ownership in 2014 and my original editor leaving the company. Those of you who write and publish can probably guess the amount of uncertainty that came with all these changes. For a while, I was not sure if book 3 was even going to happen (even though I was determined to write it anyway), and I had no idea whether I can fit within the expected time frame to produce a perfect conclusion for the story. My prior experience did not help much. I had several years to write and edit book 1, and book 2 came nearly effortlessly in its wake, emerging from the notes and side scenes already written. My experience with book 3 was very different. I actually had to sit down in front of a blank screen and force myself to write a certain number of pages per day, whether I felt like it or not. It seemed like a lot of work, even if most of this work was done by my characters, with me sitting back and writing down the action. And, it is so nice to know that this work paid off.

I am working on some edits now–not nearly as many as I feared, and ones that will definitely make the book better. Our target date for producing the finished manuscript is in March. I feel so excited!

On Christmas Eve, a post about the Assassin Queen went out to Speculative Herald:

The post contains the blurb for the new book, as well as some of Phil’s quick notes. And yes, there is a giveaway going on at this site for the first two books in the series. Only 3 days left to enter!

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