My program at Philcon 2015

I will be at Philcon 2015, happening this weekend (November 21-23) at the Crowne Plaza in Cherry Hill, NJ.

I am signed up for the following panels:

    • Sat 3:00 PM in Autograph Table—Autographs: Richard Hescox and Anna Kashina (2364)
    • Sat 4:00 PM in Crystal Ballroom Two—Kidneys Don’t Grow on Trees…Yet (2217)

      The Future of Medicine. Surgery without scalpels, genetically individualized drugs, biomechanical enhancements, modifying your body to order – it’s only the beginning. What wonders – and potential problems – will medicine bring us in the 21st Century? And if nobody has insurance anymore, will any of it matter?

  • Sat 7:00 PM in Executive Suite 623—Readings: Anna Kashina at 7:00, and D.H. Aire at 7:30 (2357)
    • Sat 9:00 PM in Crystal Ballroom Two—The Narrative Animal: How Reading and Storytelling Impact the Human Brain (2209)

      According to the show Doctor Who, “We’re all stories in the end.” How does the brain understand stories? Why do small children like to hear the same stories over and over again? And how do our brains cope with stories told out of linear order? (Slaughterhouse-Five, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.)

    • Sat 11:00 PM in Plaza IV (Four)—GNU Terry Pratchett (2104)

      Best known for his long-running Discworld series, Sir Terry Pratchett’s works are loved by children for his sense of whimsy and by adults for his sharp satire*. Initially started to dually critique and parody tropes and cliches of the fantasy genre, Discworld quickly became a universe that stood on its own sixteen legs, home to both a large number of highly memorable individuals and highly unusual geographies. Join your fellow fans for a roundtable on his life and works, for “A man is not dead while his name is still spoken.” *And by nearly everyone for his use of footnotes to expound upon the only vaguely relevant.

    • Sun 11:00 AM in Plaza IV (Four)—Gender in SF Then vs Now (2154)

      “Venus Plus X” and “The Left Hand of Darkness” stunned readers with their thoughtful and ground-breaking portrayal of shifting gender and sexuality. How far have we come since then? How are contemporary writers exploring these concepts? And how well do “forward-thinking” works written fifty years ago hold up in the context of today’s society?

    • Sun 12:00 PM in Plaza IV (Four)—Romance Novels with SF vs SF Novels with Romance (2155)

      When is a romance a plot element and when is is genre-defining?

    • Sun 1:00 PM in Crystal Ballroom Two—Biologists Rule! (2211)

      Indisputably, the 20th century was the golden age of physics. Now, advances in genetics, molecular biology, medicine, evolutionary biology, and biochemistry seem to indicate that the 21st century will be the age of biology. What breakthroughs might we expect in the coming decades?

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