The Majat Code, Book 3!

Yes, it’s happening!!! We have the contract, and, the tentative publication date: summer 2016. For those who have been waiting for the conclusion of the Majat Code trilogy, I can promise that this one will be action packed, with cliffhangers and romantic subplots that, as I hope, will appeal to the fans of the series. I have been having so much fun  writing this book, tentatively titled “Assassin Queen”.

For now, I have a complete first draft, and I am putting in the final touches to send it off to the editor. More details upcoming soon.

Working on the series has been a roller coaster. I have to come to crave spending more time with my favorite characters, and discovering more and more about my world, which has, by now, taken on quite a life of its own. Finishing up the story that started in book 1, Blades of the Old Empire, is a bittersweet feeling. It is sad to say good bye to the people I created, who have stayed with me for over ten years and whom I’ve grown to love. At the same time, it is also extremely satisfying to see them find their endings and resolve so many things that have been going on in the series. Writing this book made me realize, among other things, that I am not really done with some of them. I can see more books and stories set in this world, some happening to the same characters before and after the series. If anyone wants to see something (or someone) in particular, now is the time to let me know, by leaving a comment to this post or contacting me through my blog or social media.

And then, of course, there are the thanks. It is well known that each new publication from an author is only possible if the previous ones have shown enough potential in sales. In turn, these sales are driven by readers and fans, who buy the books and spread the word to others. Book 3 in the Majat Code series would never have been possible if not for my readers and fans, who helped so much by buying my books and spreading the word.

Thank you all!!! I hope you will enjoy book 3!

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