THE GUILD OF ASSASSINS blog tour day 3


Today’s stops:

Chuck Wendig’s “Five Things I Learned” feature. Stop by to find out which five main things I learned writing the MAJAT CODE series:

Clover Autrey interviewed me for “Get Lost in a Story” blog:

Manga Maniac Cafe posted another interview here, as part of the Tasty Book Tour:

Among other great points in this interview, I was personally amazed by the question “describe yourself in five words or less”. It was a fun challenge to take on!

The Goodreads giveaways have closed, with over a thousand entries for each book! I feel gratified, and hope the winners enjoy their brand new print copies.

The giveaways are still open at Get Lost in a Story and the Tasty Book Tour stops. Click on the banner or follow the links above for entries.

And don’t forget about my personal giveaway: each commenter on all blog tour stops will receive my book of your choice.

Thanks, everyone, and happy reading!


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2 Responses to THE GUILD OF ASSASSINS blog tour day 3

  1. Ashley's Paranormal says:

    Congrats on your release! I wish you great success!

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