Today I have sent in the corrected proof for “The Guild of Assassins”. It was a very special feeling, to re-read the typeset version from start to finish. Things are beginning to look very real with this book!

I am about 70 pages into the sequel, book 3 in the series. While no publication plans for this book have been set as yet (and thus I am not revealing the title or any details for the book), I am continuing to enjoy the world of the Majat Code and the way all the plot lines and conflicts are coming together for a closure. I know working on this book will be so much fun, especially since some of the strongest female leads in the trilogy will finally get a chance to spread their wings and stir things up!

And yes, I am going to New York next Wednesday (May 28), to receive the Independent Publishers Book Award (IPPY) silver medal for “Mistress of the Solstice”, in the ceremony that will be held in “Providence” on the evening preceding the opening of Book Expo America. If anyone reading this is planning to attend, please drop me a line in the comments section!


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3 Responses to THE GUILD OF ASSASSINS is underway!

  1. Anna Kashina says:

    Fraser, I forgot to spell it out: Independent Publishers Book Award. I updated the post. Thanks for pointing it out!

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