Update on “Blades of the Old Empire”

As of today, all defective copies of “Blades of the Old Empire” that originally went to print and e-distribution with the missing key chapter 49, have been reprinted and replaced in all venues. If you previously bought an e-book missing this chapter, you can resynchronize your e-reader to get an updated copy. If you bought a print book, you can replace it at your retailer. See instructions and more details at my publisher’s web site:


Somewhat puzzling, however, the updated paperback edition has been excluded from Amazon.com and I know of some readers who tried to replace their copies there and were told that the book is no longer available. I know that my publisher is doing everything possible to remedy this situation, and hopefully we will see the book back at the site soon.

I am beginning to see some reviews appearing from people who originally purchased a defective copy and commented on the missing chapter, either knowingly or unknowingly (by wondering what in the world happened between these two points of time in the book). I am very gratified that people enjoyed this book even without the chapter, and hope you can update your reviews (and your opinions of the story) after you read the corrected version.

I thank everyone for their support through this difficult situation.


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