Kara and Mai, side by side

Now that the cover of the “Guild of Assassins” has been revealed, I can finally indulge in something I wanted to do for such a long time: putting the pictures of Kara and Mai side by side and seeing how good they look together. If these two fought side by side, they would be practically undefeatable, won’t they?


As a disclaimer, I did not exactly envision them this way when I wrote the book. Kara, in my mind, was more feminine and slender. Mai was more elegant and dashing, a man of iconic beauty whose image does not go well with weapons and killing. Yet, when the artist Alejandro Colucci took my descriptions and transformed them into the actual cover art, I realized that these images make more sense, and are definitely more realistic than those in my head. After the cover art was created, I’ve grown to think differently about my characters, giving them more down-to-earth qualities.

Mai is my favorite character, and the biggest surprise to me from the start. He was initially conceived as a deceptive and dangerous man who can defeat Kara, and represent a threat to her everyone would believe without being obvious about it. What I did not realize originally was that in the process of creating his character he had to become a perfect match for Kara in every possible way, for it takes this kind of a match to be able to defeat a warrior of her skill. And that, in turn, gave rise to my desire to see them together, which drove one of the themes for “The Guild of Assassins”.

The big questions that still remain are: how well do they match? And, can their union possibly lead to anything good?

I would love to hear about this from readers, before and after they read “The Guild of Assassins”, upcoming this summer.

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3 Responses to Kara and Mai, side by side

  1. Tori says:

    Personally it would be too perfect for two super assains to get together romantically speaking if that’s what you were hinting at. For me they are better as mentor and mentee and should develop with other characters more (new or old) as this would be more challenging seeing how their life style, commitment to their code is tested by having ‘unions’ with others.

    • Anna Kashina says:

      Tori, thanks! Generally speaking, I agree with you (even though personally I love perfect things, at least occasionally :-), and of course I don’t want to reveal what happens in book 2 before it’s out. I hope you enjoy the way it pans out.

  2. ihate_00 says:

    …..I like Kythar better than Mai, but it seems I am in the minority, can’t wait to read this sequel though…..

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