Is Our Writers Learning? Blades of the Old Empire (#SFWApro)

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514Q1-wFlyL._SY344_BO1,204,203,200_ Anna Kashina, whom I know online, was asking for reviews of her new book, Blades of the Old Empire: Book One of the Majat Code , so that made my pick for this month’s read pretty simple (if you’re new to this blog, I try to read one fantasy novel a month published within the last year and see what I can learn from it). Cover art is by Alejandro Colucci, all rights with current holder.
The Story : Prince Kythar is a royal with a problem. He has magical gifts and by law, he should be put to death. His father, understandably, hopes to change the law. Then “Kyth” gets a bigger problem: Members of the Kaddim, a long-forgotten cult from the Old Empire days, have designs on him. When his bodyguard Kara proves a match for them, the Kaddim pay her guild (the Majat) to have Kyth delivered…

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