“Blades of the Old Empire”: out in 10 days!

Well, eleven really, but who counts. And, Happy Valentine, everyone.


As the countdown continues to the release of “Blades of the Old Empire” on February 25, I decided to post some highlights on what to expect:

1. Action. It starts on the very first pages, and all the characters, setting, and backstory, develops around it as the story progresses.

2. Traditional elements. The back thread of the story is comfortably familiar to fantasy readers: a young royal heir has a magic gift that can save his kingdom from a powerful enemy. He has no idea how to control his gift and must develop it before it is too late. And yes, because of that, everyone is after him.

3. Romance. Yes, there is romance, even though not that explicit (not to build any false expectations). There are, in fact, two romantic interests being developed in the book. They unravel in parallel with the action. And they are intrinsic to the story.

4. Unusual blends of world cultures. I see the setting in this book as a true blend of East and West, with elements of Europe, Middle East, Russia, and the Orient. The world has its own mythology and folklore, which draws elements from all these backgrounds. It’s different, even if also familiar in some ways. Or so I hope.

5. Did I mention action? Yes, the book features the Majat warriors, and their main occupation is fighting. They usually win their fights, unless they are faced with impossible odds. A lot of the story is about pushing their limits to the extreme, forcing them into situations where they can’t possibly win. No spoilers, of course.

This book is meant as a light, fast-paced, fun read. I had lots of fun writing it. I can’t wait to share this fun with my fans.

Pre-ordering is now open at all major retailers, including Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and others.

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