THE PRINCESS OF DHAGABAD: A Rich and Beautifully Written Novel

Nothing can be more rewarding to an author that to find a new fan. This holiday season, I was truly gratified to find this wonderful review by Barbara Cothern, published just before the New Year in Portland Book Review:

The Princess of Dhagabad: Book 1: The Spirits of the Ancient Sands

The Princess of Dhagabad Book 1 The Spirits of the Ancient Sands5stars



A Rich and Beautifully Written Novel

By Anna Kashina, $15.95, 278 pages

The Princess of Dhagabad has always been unusual. Her father’s only heir, she is given more freedom than normally allowed a girl and educated like the ruler she will be. Moreover, she is unusual in that she possesses a gift from her grandmother – a Djin named Hasan.  Together, they will explore more ideas and places than the Princess ever thought existed and ultimately, she will be faced with a choice of giving him up and taking her place as a ruler or making her own way in the world.

The Princess of Dhagabad is a beautifully written novel by author Anna Kashina. She creates a world of the Middle East that is sensual, subtle and vibrant. The characters of the Princess and Hasan are layered and subtle – both show an innate curiosity about the world but with realism that their wants are overridden by political and cultural requirements. The larger cultural setting has a significant place in the story and can be considered a character of its own in the book. This novel is a delight to read and Ms. Kashina is a truly gifted storyteller.

Reviewed By Barbara Cothern


I wanted to extend my warmest thanks and new year wishes to my readers who have supported me over the years with great reviews and fan letters, encouraging me to go on even in my most difficult times. This review certainly made my new year celebration even more special and exciting!

Of course, I could not resist providing a link to this book’s buying information at mypublisher’s site and at 

And, please comment and post your reviews. I would love to hear from you!


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  1. Absolutely well deserved!

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